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Why people follow or like back on Instagram

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Instagram is a place where people get together and have fun. Instagram can be absolute relaxing place after the day of tiring work. There are many people out there who would use Instagram as a mean of distraction from their busy life. On Instagram, there are many ways through which we can interact with someone. Following are three most common ways like comment and follow. These are something that doesn’t get neglected by the users of Instagram. They instantly respond back with a gesture that is common back on the Instagram.

Follow back

Follow back is one of the most common gesture. This starts with when a person who is not in the follower list follow the account on the Instagram. As an act of good gesture, many people immediately follow back the account which recently has followed them. As expert advice, this is a good strategy to increase followers people who follow back immediately tend to have more followers than those who don’t. When a person searches a profile he can immediately see how many followers he has and how many of them he is following. When the ratio is balanced person immediately opts to follow. The ratio tells many things as either he is going to follow back. Whenever you buy Instagram followers from any authentic source like and they start following you, always follow them back. Few person considers this a pride situation to have more followers on the Instagram than those they are following. But this works as against their account and the popularity. To increase more follower one has to follow back all his followers who are following him. This also helps in knowing his follower better. It also increases his interaction with their followers and can get a number of followers by following other people.

Likes on Instagram

Likes on Instagram on works on the same mechanism but different technique. Many people like the picture on the Instagram as it is beautiful. A person can like all the pictures which are present on the other account or can like some of them it his choice. But sometimes this act as a good gesture to like back the number of pictures the person has liked. This is a step taken towards the future where it is guaranteed whenever the person is going to post a picture on Instagram it would immediately get lots of likes. As the account has been liking his follower pictures mostly. This is the perfect way of engaging with the audience without even interacting with them.


Comments on Instagram which starts interaction with other people present. This also increases the chances of getting a follow back since people always like a follower who engages on the post. Comments can be used a follower magnet it can attract thousands of followers. When an account which has huge follower base interacts with the post individually and talk through comments. This is confirmed that he is going to get more followers in the near future.

Following are the reason why followers like back follow back and comment on the posts.