How social media motivates you for exercise and running?

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Social media has made the lives of humans much easier by allowing the vast connectivity among the people of world. Either updating the social media with the selfies taken during racing or sharing the long routes taken for racing the runners are linked on social media. They are connected with each other via social media. Hence, for runners Social media networks play a pivotal role in exchanging the stories, to buy twitter followers cheap and getting guidance from them.

Motivation for Exercise and Running

Good health is a blessing. Everyone wants to stay healthy and active. In order to achieve the objective of staying healthy and active, continuous exercising and workout is made mandatory or necessary. Most of the people do not do exercise and work out regularly because of less motivation and low interest level. People who are over weighed or obese are motivated via social media networks, for running and exercises so they can stay active. A little motivation can change their whole life and the results would be outstanding. Social media motivates its audience for exercising via sharing important content and videos on social sites like Facebook and YouTube etc.

  • Brace Yourself For Paradoxical surroundings

Most often the runners are castigated on social media networks when they communicate with each other using that platform or source. When something is posted on social media networks such as on any Facebook page, then surely that post will get certain response from various people. Some will appreciate while the rest will criticize and castigate the runner’s post. But that must not cast a severe effect on their routine of exercising and running, in fact they must ignore all the criticism and shall only focus on the appreciations. The appreciations and good response keeps them motivated for running.

  • Discover proper equilibrium

Social media is of great importance to runners as it can help them in grasping great mental outlook and healthy manners and a healthy nature. This motivates the audience runners to unite the network of those runners who have similar objectives, performance and capabilities. For this the communication is very necessary, and social media plays a vital role here. Individuals whose goals and interests are similar find it easier to communicate and interact with eachother.They must always search for a proper balance or equilibrium. Despite of motivation, runners use social media for amenity, ease and encouragement.


  • Temporary Cutoff From Social media

It is necessary for runners to understand that how they intercept or feel about the publicity which they are gaining from social media. If the newsfeed on social media profiles is annoying them or making them feel worried and tensed then they need to shut off the social media accounts otherwise the annoy feeling would effect on the motivation level and runner would no longer be motivated for any positive task. They must take a break and reactive their accounts when they feel calm.This would relax their minds and keep them motivated to do their task.