Types of playing cards you must know

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People use to play cards to get after dinner entertainment with friends and relatives. These are used all over the world for purpose of enjoying. Playing cards is a tradition in many places. There are various kinds of playing cards are available which are used depending upon situations. Each card is not suitable for each kind of situation. Certain playing cards are more good for a particular game than another type of playing cards.


What is a playing card?

It is a piece of heavy paper, plastic coated paper, thin cardboard, thin plastic or cotton paper blend having different motifs. It is used as one of the sets for a game of playing cards. These cards can be easily carried due to its palm-sized paper. It was first invented during Tang dynasty in China. Complete sets of cards are known as pack, deck or set. These are used in different English languages. When a player holds a subset of cards at one time, it is called a hand. People play cards with their varying skills and expertise. Some of the card games are played for money such as poker and blackjack games at a casino. These cards are also used for artistry, cartomancy, memory sport and illusions.


Types of playing cards

Cards have a kind of universal appeal because of the presence of a number of players who are familiar with their position. Several numbers of games can be played with a single deck. A player having a particular deck shows to have a valuable resource. Various kinds of playing cards are found. Here we discuss some of these.


European playing cards

Most of the people are familiar with such type of cards. This sort of card has a deck consisting of two jokers and 52 cards. It is the most popular type of cards in Europe. These cards are used in several kinds of card games extending from blackjack to poker. Joker in the cards is an American invention.


Tarot cards

It is one of the renowned kinds of cards. Deck of tarot cards consists of 78 cards. These cards are divided into five suits which are more than the traditional suits. Tarot cards are Italian invention and are used to play different games such as Tarocco. Tarot cards are used for purpose of fortune telling for people. This card as a fortune telling was introduced during the late 18th century in several places across the world. But they are still used to play games of cards along with this mystical force.



Deck of Mushing cards consists of 32 cards which are split into 4 suits. It is used for Mongolian game. This game is played between two to five players. Each player has a different number of cards in a game. These cards are uniquely designed for purpose of playing Mongolian game.

So, there are different kinds of playing cards. These cards are used to play multiple games. Each game requires different card numbers and suits. In addition to above-mentioned cards, some other cards are Preferans and Jass.